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Wordstock believes that every kid’s a writer, which is why we focus our programs on K-8 graders, their families and their teachers. Because even though Portland is one of the most literary cities in the world, only 52% of Portland Public Schools 7th graders met writing standards in 2009-2010 — the only milestone to experience a decline from the previous year. Across Oregon, the percentage of 4th graders meeting or exceeding writing standards also dropped — 3 points from 2009-2010 to 2010-2011.

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Your gift could change a life. You could inspire a third-grader, like one of Sam Leach’s students, to learn to write. Sam brought his third-grade class and their families to the 2011 Wordstock Festival to discover what it’s like to be a published writer. You can see them behind the scenes with Pseudonymous Bosch in our video.

P.S. To learn more about Wordstock’s year-round education programs, please visit the education section of the website. To learn about becoming a Wordstock Member, please click here.

GREAT BIG THANKS TO OUR CHARTER MEMBERS (listed in order of enrollment):
April Severson
Gail Zuro
Abbey Gaterud
Meara McLaughlin
Cindy Brown
Hugh Ferguson
Michael Gerard Mele
Carol Ford
Gabriel Boehmer
Jenny Stadler
Ann Galen
Barbara Maloney
Jessica Manly Bucciarelli
Helen Kennedy
Gwen Woods
Carole VanDomelan
Martin Middlewood
Janet Lunde
Michael & Ellen Hudson
Kathleen Holt
Nancy Gordon
Nancy Matthews
Mai Kiigemagi
Alan T. Jones
North Country Productions
Virginia DiMaggio
Nanette Taylor
Allen Koshewa
Bill Cameron
Deborah Crews
Greg Tudor
Joan & John Shipley
Julie Marquard
Moly Schwabe
Richard Solomon & Alyce Flitcraft
Roger Weaver
Temple Lentz
Deborah Hobbie
Joe Nozemack
George & Nancy Thorn
Shelley Devine
Miles & Linda Barber
lyric apted
Evan Nichols
Kevin Blada
Josh Simko
Mary King
Bruce Dickson
Merris Sumrall
Anthony Effinger
Erin Farley
Mary Greenbaum
Spencer Newlin-Cushing
Melinda McCrossen
Eileen Kirschner
Jennifer Laverdure
Rod Richards
Erik Ratcliffe
Jennie Thede
Cara Eckhardt
Josie Mendoza
Richard Toscan & Sharon Walker
Chandra Brown
Richard Meeker
Veronica Vichit-Vadaka
Kirsten Collins
Giovanna Zivny
Katrina Bell
Angela Agosta
Malcom Mathes
Dave Mendenhall
Sarah Patterson
Kathleen Worley
Scott Sparling
Dan Larsen
David Stout
Tim Crippen
Richard Marantz
Henry Kantor
Jill Kantor
Seanna Kerrigan
Fletcher Chamberlin
Linda Neilsen
Beverly Trover
Christine Gramlich
Rich Eichen
Cheryl Gaston
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Donna Loveland
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Q Van Benschoten
Rebecca Youngstrom
Greg Netzer
Barbara Juelson

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